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Trees That Count

Louise and Dean are committed to sustainability - protecting and caring for our environment we live in is important to us. Everything we do has an impact and our commitment is long term.

Kaitikaitanga is the Maori concept of guardianship of sky, sea and land - by following these processes and practices below we strive to minimise our impact on the environment. This is a selection of initiatives of what we do and what we mean by being green - if you want any more information about what we do please let us know.

Established Native Bush
Established Native Bush

Ten years ago we started protecting our stream. We planted over 4,600 trees to encourage birds and bees. Our stream planting contributes to the native bird corridor up from the Waikanae River.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

We strive to reduce our carbon emissions and are measuring our footprint. In November 2023 we installed 20 solar panels and a battery so our energy use has been drastically reduced.We use the Climate Action toolbox to measure our electricity use, fuel, and waste output.

What we do
What we do

We think before we buy, think before we use and think before we discard. We have over 50 measures we have taken towards sustainable tourism. We like to give back to our community with donations to local food banks and actively support local suppliers.

  • We use biodegradable eco friendly cleaning products and eco friendly cloths which are 100% compostable.
  • We purchase our soaps, shampoo, conditioner and laundry products from Jeymar and Ecostore New Zealand. The formulations are made from plant based ingredients to ensure better outcomes for the environment. We buy in bulk and refill our bottles. We use Greencane products which are plastic free and fully compostable with no inks, fragrances ,or chlorine bleaches.
  • To further protect the environment we recycle as much packaging, cardboard, paper, tins, plastic. We provide a basket for guests to use for this purpose. Soft plastics/bags are rinsed are returned to the supermarket scheme. We are eliminating non-recyclable plastics by using wax cloth covers instead of cling film. We use reusable cloth bags when grocery shopping. We support local businesses where possible including our bread, chocolate, sweets, yoghurt, coffee and flowers.
  • Rainwater is our main water supply so we are aware of our use. All our water is filtered.
  • We encourage guests to reuse towels to reduce the impact of washing materials and water on the environment. Our towels have been Oeko-Tex certified which means they have been tested to ensure no harmful chemicals have been used. Laundry is air dried to minimise the use of the clothes drier. All our bedding is sourced from Baksana with top quality natural cotton sheets, feather duvets and pillows.
  • Woollen carpet throughout the guest wing.
  • We have energy star rated efficient appliances and hot water cylinder is wrapped to conserve heat.
  • We compost fruit and vegetable waste. We grow organic vegetables, have a small orchard, keep chickens and bees. Where necessary we use an organic weed spray and do not use any glysophate/herbicide sprays on our property. The popular whakatauki (proverb) is te toto o te tangata he kai he hauora o te tangata he whenua, which means, if the soil is healthy, then the food we produce is healthy, and the people are healthy.
  • We installed 20 solar panels and a battery in November 2023 as part of our reduction in use of fossil fuels and reducing our carbon footprint. We have solar lights up our driveway and lighting for our guests parking.
  • We have planted 3000 native trees to protect our stream. Landscaping was completed in June 2018 around our house including planting an additional 1600 native trees to encourage native birds. We have continued to add to this tally. Behind our property is a protected property home to native birds and native bush with nikau palms and kohekohe trees. As part of our contribution to our local community including our guests we give away jars of honey with a challenge attached - to plant a native tree for birds and bees. A great place to start is - we support by donating three trees each month. Another useful website is
  • We have two Good Nature pest traps targeting rats, mice and stoats on site and some mouse traps. We have 2 dedicated possum traps set regularly.
  • In February 2020 we signed up to the NZ Tourism Sustainability Commitment including working towards a light environmental footprint and quality visitor experiences. This includes working with our environment restoring nature, eliminating waste. We have a three year action plan. We are also part of the Pakihi Toitu o Kapitii network - an innovative group of sustainable businesses working for the social and economic good of Kapiti. We are involved with Community Fruit Wellington which harvests donated fruit to Kaibosh and local food banks. A great NZ website is We are part of the Volunteer Visitor Service through Age Concern volunteering to visit a local each week. Dean and Louise donate monthly to Red Cross and Wellington Free Ambulance.