About your hosts Dean and Louise

We named our home Aston Road Villa, the term Villa originated from an ancient Roman luxurious country residence. We have travelled extensively in New Zealand and have a sound knowledge of where guests can go to get a true experience of New Zealand's stunning scenery, culture, food, wine and outdoor activities. 

Our commitment is to provide a place where travellers can relax, chill out and recharge and have a "home away from home" for a few days enjoying the quiet rural setting of Aston Road Villa.

Wren - Our friendly Brittany Spaniel

In 2018 Wren joined our family as a puppy - she really enjoys interacting with our guests. She has a gentle nature and enjoys pats from our guests.

Our overseas travels

One of the things we love about travel is meeting like-minded people. Our considerable overseas travel has targeted non-touristy places and we like to stay in family run boutique accommodation. As a result of these experiences we have built a brand new home that incorporates a designated guest wing where we can host and share travel experiences with fellow travellers.